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New Update: New Life Partner!!! Meri Brown Won’t Be In ‘SW’ Season 18! Why?

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Fans apparently won’t see much of Meri Brown during Season 18 of Sister Wives. When Season 17 ended, Kody’s first wife shared she had split from her husband of over 30 years. Then, the two released a statement on their social media accounts confirming the marriage was officially over. So, why won’t she be around much for the upcoming season? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown/YouTube

Fans Won’t See Much Of Meri Brown On SW Season 18?

Fans are eagerly awaiting the details for Season 18 of Sister Wives. How will this all play out when Kody is down three wives? Most likely, a big focus will be on Janelle’s decision to separate from her husband of almost thirty years. It may be very reminiscent of Season 17 and what the family went through with Christine’s departure. There will also be the issue of Meri finally coming to terms with the fact that she and Kody have no marriage.

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Meri Brown/YouTube

He has openly said that he would be fine if she wanted to move on with someone else. Even his fourth wife, Robyn has said she would understand if Meri wanted to leave and find a new husband. However, she still had hope that Meri Brown would hold on and rebuild the family with her. Now that she is gone from the family, will she be gone from the new season, as well? According to The Sun, a source for the show says that Meri’s appearances will be sparse.

Meri Brown/YouTube

Pauline Bithell, who co-hosts the Tender Loving Care…? podcast, has insider information and spilled some tea on where Meri currently stands. “[Producers] did not know that this was going to fall out so badly. Fans are interested in Meri, but the last season she’s been so much put aside by Kody. I definitely think she’s rejuvenated now with this bed and breakfast [Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah] and she will be featured.”

Too Busy To Care?

Last season, Meri Brown was very busy and fans questioned where she was in the first handful of episodes. She was spending a lot of time traveling. Then, her mother, Bonnie passed away and she had to take care of her B&B which mom had been running. Fortunately, Meri’s best friend, Jenn was able to come in as the new manager. Still, Meri spent a lot of time in Utah and was not even there to say goodbye to Christine when she left for Utah. She was more active once it was down to three wives but still stayed much in the background until the tell-all.

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Are you surprised that Meri Brown won’t be heavily featured in Season 18? Do you think Christine and Janelle are much more exciting to watch than she is? Let us know in the comments.

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