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Days of Our Lives’ Will Twist: It’s a Boy! Is Xander Actually Victor’s Son?

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You know what they say: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where there’s no will, apparently there’s only Vivian’s way! That’s the problem Days of Our Lives’ Kiriakis family is running smack into as Victor’s will has gone missing and his entire estate is defaulting to his (supposed) wife.

While Victor’s missing will may have at first seemed to be a plot that Vivian cooked up, she’s likely just taking advantage of it. Since Brady and Alex confirmed with Victor’s lawyer that he did, indeed, call from Greece, then Victor had a reason for pulling the will. And family is just about the only thing that would prompt that. So what did Victor learn in Greece?

A serious looking Brady gesticulates as he talks to Alex in the Square.

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At first, folks thought it might have something to do with Philip, as he was being treated over in Europe, while Victor’s family thought it might have had something to do with Bo. Neither of those theories panned out, but the secret trip still could have been connected to one of Victor’s sons… just not one of the ones we were thinking about!

Confused? Well, Days of Our Lives may already be pointing us towards the answer.

Sarah named her daughter Victoria, which, sure Victor was her stepfather, Maggie’s love, and Xander’s uncle, but that could also be a nod from Days of Our Lives prepping us for an even bigger twist. Because what if, it turns out, Victoria ends up named after her grandfather and not great-uncle? That’s right, that would mean Victor is actually Xander’s father!

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We’ve hardly gotten any background on Xander, other than the fact that his dad was Victor’s never seen brother, Titus, and his mom raised him in Scotland. We may not have known about Xander until he showed up in Salem, but he was still very much a part of the family, even growing up with Brady.

The question is, did Victor have some idea of this over the years and that’s why he kept Xander close, yet still at arm’s length? Up until Isabella died and Victor decided to go legit, he was a mobster, but maybe Xander was too dangerous even for him? Between Theresa’s comments on Xander pulling the wings off butterflies as a kid playing with Brady to the manslaughter charges Victor had to make go away as a teenager, Xander may have been too much of a loose cannon even for him.

Even if he thought that it might be true, it could’ve been something he never wanted to confirm. He could use Xander for the shadier side of Titan business and keep an eye on him, but never actually let him into the family.

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Standing with Sarah, Xander holds bills, and glares at a sitting Victor at the Kiriakis mansion

But then, maybe, between knowing that his own time was winding down and after all that happened with Bo, Victor decided it was time to get to the bottom of Xander’s parentage and headed to Greece to see what he could find out. Xander was raised by his Scottish mother, but what if Titus just nabbed Xander and dropped him off with her? Maybe he had a falling out with Victor and wanted revenge, or maybe he had some other reason for swiping his brother’s son and raising him as his own.

The point is, the revelation would take Xander’s black sheep status in the family to Shakespearean tragedy levels. That would be the ultimate blow. Rejected by Victor for practically his entire life, only for it to turn out that his father was right in front of him all this time.

In Greece, Kayla opens the front door to Bo.

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That would suddenly shake up the dynamics of the entire Kiriakis family as Xander would be Victor’s eldest in Salem. (Sure, Bo might some day wake up, but just before he went under, he seemed to shake that whole “Bo Kiriakis” thing and want to go back to just being Bo Brady.) It would also make Xander and Sarah even more star-crossed, some day fated to find true love with each other, just as their parents did.

What do you think? Could Xander be closer to Victor than he ever thought? What would this kind of revelation do to him?

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