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Mind… Blown: Days of Our Lives’ Bonkers Presto-Change-O Leaves Jaws On the Floor

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Just when you think Days of Our Lives can’t get any more insane, it goes and pulls off the most bizarre moment of the year. And the story behind the shocker is even more outlandish than what just happened on air, which is saying a lot given that this is a show which has had Marlena possessed by the devil… twice.

Yet at the end of the episode airing Friday, October 6, Emily O’Brien’s Gwen — a character who has rubbed more than a few viewers the wrong way with her outlandish and often cruel antics — bid her dad’s hometown farewell.

“Well, Salem,” she said while waiting to board a plane at the airport, “it hasn’t always been fun, has it? It’s certainly been interesting. Now, there are things about you that I have loved. There’s also a lot of things I have hated. I suppose you could say the same thing about me, though. But I promise you, it might be goodbye for now, but you haven’t seen the last of this girl!”

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Gabi stops Abigail from injecting Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Was this a moment Gwen loved or hated? Hard to tell, with her!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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Literally seconds later, as Gwen strolled off, Brady entered the terminal, calling for Theresa… in the form of a wig-sporting O’Brien!

Yup, they really went there.

Now, if you’ve been following this saga, you know that a few weeks ago, Jen Lilley — who until a few days ago was playing Theresa — gave us the exclusive scoop on how all of this went down… and it was a stunning story. Hired to bring Theresa back to Salem, Lilley soon found out that the role had been recast, and with whom.

Stunned, Lilley took the high road, immediately going to talk with O’Brien about the situation. While trying to give O’Brien a crash course on all things Theresa, the woman about to step into the role admitted this was less than thrilled with the twist. “She said, ‘I don’t want to play Theresa,’” Lilley told us. “She said, ‘Theresa is everything I’m not… this is like a nightmare for me!’”

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An incredulous Brady stares at Theresa across a table in the Pub.

“You think I was trouble before, Brady? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Lilley had no ill will toward O’Brien. “This was a horrible situation,” she told us. “From top to bottom, this was just not handled the right way.”

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Weirder still? The wig situation. Lilley volunteered to dye her hair before returning, but was told that wouldn’t be necessary. Yet when O’Brien’s version of the character entered, it was with not only a blonde wig, but perhaps the worst-looking one since Krista Allen’s much-discussed hairpiece when first she joined Bold & Beautiful.

Now that the switch has officially taken place, viewers will have to wait until Monday’s episode to get a true taste of O’Brien’s take on Theresa. Meanwhile, you can hear how the entire situation unfolded in Lilley’s own words by watching the video below.

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