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Days of Our Lives: Halloween Horror Loading, “I’m As Good As Dead” Says EJ!

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If there is one show that should be overflowing with Halloween scares, it is Days of Our Lives! After all, it is set in the iconic town of Salem! And quite honestly, over the years the soap has not disappointed with the shocks and scares. However, this time around, the horror is getting all the more real. A beloved character could be falling down to their end in a dramatic and horrific manner. A rather sinister partnership will form the base for it. So keep reading to find out all about it!

The DiMera Family Rivalry Soars To New Heights

The DiMera family rivalry has been resting steadily on EJ and Stefan’s shoulders for a while now on Days of Our Lives. It is not like they are not capable of being civil with each other, it is that they don’t want to be. Previously, when Megan was rather hell-bent on eliminating Stefan, EJ stood up for him. The two brother united to fight against Megan. However, the days of solidarity are once again behind them. The latest spoilers tease that the DiMera fight is about to rise to a whole new boiling point.

DOOL/ Stefan and EJ start power struggle again

Recently, Stefan and Gabi’s dubious schemes managed to snag them Kristen’s shares on Days of Our Lives. Additionally, they have also secured Peter’s vote! Essentially leaving EJ on thin ice. In his own words, if Stefan and Gabi get even one more vote for themselves he is “as good as dead.” But will EJ really let things go so horribly against him? Even while he steered clear from silently watching Megan take Stefan’s life, could he now take the same road after being pushed against the wall?

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Li and Gabi Become Collateral On Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that EJ and Li are about to form an unholy partnership, hoping to rip down Stefan and Gabi on Days of Our Lives. The two of them aren’t exactly friends, but then at this point Stefan seems like the bigger enemy to both, EJ and Li. And as Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) stated to,” Your enemy’s enemy is your friend.” So even they both don’t trust each other they are willing to work together towards attaining a common goal – neutralizing Stefan. EJ wants him gone from the DiMera business, while Li wants him gone from Gabi’s life.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Who will REALLY end up dead?

But will EJ and Li’s partnership give them what they want? Or will it blow up spectacularly in their face on Days of Our Lives. Especially since Li’s mental health is literally hanging by a thread. And EJ too is just keeping himself together for Nicole and the baby. The baby he does not (yet) know belongs to Eric! So, honestly, as of now, it looks like everything is building up towards a literal nightmare.

Add to that the fact that Gabi is on her way out of DOOL. Pus, the spoilers tease that Li is about to end up on the floor with a knife in his back! So be prepared for a horrific ride this Halloween which will certainly end in blood and murder.

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