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Sister Wives: What Happened To Kody’s Brother Curtis Brown?

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Kody Brown and his brother Curtis showed good camaraderie on Sister Wives. Tragically, the duo won’t be gracing the screen together again.


  •  Kody Brown’s brother Curtis, who appeared on Sister Wives, tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2013, leaving behind a wife and three kids.
  •  Kody expressed his grief on Twitter and shared how much he missed Curtis, while also expressing gratitude for having known him.
  •  Other members of the Sister Wives family, including Kody’s first wife Meri, offered their condolences and recognized the strong love between Curtis and his wife Erica.

Kody Brown’s brother Curtis Brown, who once appeared on Sister Wives, lost his life tragically. Kody spent most of his childhood growing up in a polygamous family. His father, William Winn Brown, had three wives, including Kody’s mum Genielle. Kody also grew up with 9 siblings, including Curtis Brown, who appeared on Sister Wives during season 3.

From 2010, when Sister Wives premiered, Kody was always eager to show off his family. Throughout the first few seasons, Kody and his family enjoyed a blissful period on the show. However, the year 2014 was a tough one for Kody. Kody lost his father, Winn, and his brother, Curtis, within two months of each other.

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Curtis Brown Died In A Motorcycle Accident

Sister Wives star Curtis Brown with his wife Erica

Kody’s younger brother Curtis died on June 17, 2013, after he was involved in a motorcycle accident. Curtis had briefly appeared on the show alongside his wife Erica during Sister Wives season 3 in the episode titled “Brown Boys Do Vegas.” In the episode, Curtis, Kody, and their two brothers, Scott and Michael, had a night out together in Las Vegas, where they had a few drinks and rode motorcycles before hitting the shooting range.

According to the Lovellchronicle, Curtis was born on September 24, 1978, as the seventh child of Winn and Genielle. Curtis was gifted intellectually and spiritually as a child, and he grew up to become a talented poet and Shakespearean philosopher. He was also an oil and gas completions consultant. Curtis, 34 years old, was survived by his wife Erica, their three kids, Carter, McCayde, and Kinlynn, and his siblings Cindy, Scott, Lorilyn, Kody, Christy, Tricia, Travis, Nicole, and Michael.

What Kody Said About Curtis Brown’s Passing

After Curtis’ death, Kody broke the news to his Twitter followers via a tweet on June 24, 2013, which read, “Curtis Brown, brother of @realkodybrown & husband of @EricaLBrown333 passed away 6-17. Amazing man who’ll be missed!” Under the tweet, Curtis’s wife Erica also paid tribute to her late husband, noting that the loss of her soulmate shattered her heart. She also promised to miss and love him forever, per Starcasm. A couple of days later, Kody tweeted about Curtis again, confessing how much he missed him. Kody also explained he had been looking at their pictures and re-watching Curtis’s episodes on the show. Kody also felt grateful to have known his late brother.

Other Sister Wives Stars Shared Their Grief

Sister Wives meri brown, janelle brown and christine brown

After Curtis’s death, Kody’s first wife, Meri, offered her condolences in a tweet to Erica, writing, “You only have to miss him this lifetime, you’ll have him forever. The love you share is an inspiration to me! Love you, Erica.” Curtis and Erica met on a blind date, and they made an instant connection the moment they met. Throughout their 13 years of marriage, Curtis was known for treating Erica like a queen. Curtis always looked forward to his time at home, occasionally surprising Erica with flowers and beautifully written poems. During Sister Wives season 6, episode 17, Kody and his Sister Wives visited his family in Wyoming, where they paid their last rite to Curtis.

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