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Sister Wives: Fans Think Gwendlyn’s New Revealing Outfit Will Make Kody Pass Out!

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Gwen from Sister Wives is one of the most fearless star kids among all the Browns. She lives her life as per her whims and fancies and never hesitates in doing what her heart says. Lately, the celeb has been enjoying her happily-ever-after phase with Beatriz and often shares pictures as well.

Amid all this, fans were in shock when Gwendlyn ended up posting a super revealing picture on her social media. Several viewers even believed that Kody and Robyn would surely pass out after watching the star kid flaunting her curves. What did she wear?


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Sister Wives: Gwen Shows Off Curves In A Skin Tight Leopard Bra

Gwendlyn comes from a Mormon family that followed some strict rules when it came to clothing. No one used to wear anything that was revealing. But it seems Christine and Kody’s shared daughter is no longer in the mood to follow any kind of restrictions. Hence, the Sister Wives celeb is experimenting with new makeovers these days.

Recently, Gwen took to her social media to share some too-hot-to-handle pictures with her partner. She wore a black bikini bottom with fishnet stockings, allowing her viewers to have a closer look at her long and toned legs. The celeb further paired it with a tiny leopard-print top while she showed off a generous amount of cleavage.


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On the other hand, Beatriz also twinned with Gwen by wearing a leopard-print bandana and knee-length shorts. They both grinned at the camera as they took a mirror selfie and flaunted their sexy curves. Fans were in shock and wondered if Kody and Robyn would actually approve of Gwen’s revealing outfit or not.

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A Sister Wives fan wrote, “Think Robyn will pass out when she sees that outfit and probably Kody too.” Another one added, “It is not in line with Robyn’s mission statement.” Someone further commented, “Why are you dressing like this?.”

Sister Wives: Has Gwen’s Relationship With Kody Improve?

Gwendlyn never hesitates in calling out Kody on social media. She has a YouTube and Patreon account where she unveils the true faces of the Browns. Hence, the Sister Wives celeb has often slammed her father and even said, “Dads are useless.” Gwen even pointed out the latter’s “disgusting” ways of thinking and has talked a lot about him.

But now it seems that Gwen’s equation with Kody has started to change. Lately, there have been several instances when she was featured praising him. Recently, the star kid claimed that she was her dad’s princess. Gwen proudly added that she was Kody’s “Gwennie Bear,” and he sang songs to her as well.

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Gwen explained, “He was really a great dad to me for the majority of my life when he was present.” She believes that she is his “little princess” and his father has been really good when he was around her. The celeb further admitted that there surely are times when she is upset because of him. But at the end of the day, Kody is her dad, and she loves him.

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However, fans are curious to know if Gwen’s latest revealing picture would have an impact on her relationship with Kody or not. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments.

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