LPBW: Matt & Caryn Are Already Married? Latest Update!

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Matt and Caryn have raised LPBW fans’ hopes by revealing their plans to walk down the aisle this year. They initially announced their relationship back in 2017, but they didn’t plan to exchange vows at that time. However, one thing led to another, and the Little People Big World couple is engaged now.

Amid all this, recently, viewers noticed some signs that hint that Caryn and Matt are already husband and wife. Did they have a secret ceremony? Are they already husband and wife? What are these stars up to now?

LPBW: Did Caryn & Matt Exchange Vows In A Secret Ceremony?

Matt and Caryn were initially happy with being boyfriend and girlfriend. But now it seems that they really want to step into their happily ever after. A few months back, the LPBW couple revealed that they were planning to have a “small ceremony” in which they would exchange vows with each other.

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Some sources even claimed that Caryn and Matt would possibly have their nuptials by the end of 2023 or at the onset of 2024. But some viewers feel that they have already walked down the aisle and are currently keeping the news undercover.


Matt has already hosted the Pumpkin season and has dusted off all the events successfully now. Hence, LPBW viewers believe that there isn’t anything aligned for him in the upcoming months. So, there is a fair chance that the couple decided to exchange vows during the pleasant climate of the year’s end.

Amid all this, Caryn has already made it clear that she doesn’t want anything extravagant. It is possible that she already said ‘I do’ and is simply waiting for the right time to reveal the same. Undoubtedly, their wedding is one of the most anticipated events for fans. So, the couple might be under an NDA contract, as the makers would surely want it to be featured in their upcoming season.

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LPBW: Caryn & Matt’s Dream House Is Almost Complete Now

LPBW star Matt Roloff has been building his massive dream house for Caryn. He has been busy with the construction process and has put his heart and soul into it. Moreover, the celeb even made it clear that he would get married to his girlfriend as soon as his home was completed.

Per the reports, Matt’s house is on the verge of completion. He recently shared a picture in which he flaunted the speedy progress of his mansion. It consisted of impressive massive windows, high ceilings, a wide porch, and some wood construction as well. This made it clear that the celeb’s dream house won’t take much time now.

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This further made the viewers wonder if Caryn and Matt have already tied the knot, as their dream house is also in its finishing stage. Moreover, the latter has even decided that his son, Jacob, would live in his old house as soon as he would shift in the new one. Hence, this planning was also an eye-brow raiser as the patriarch had pre-decided everything.

So, now fans are curious to know if their prediction about Caryn and Matt’s wedding is accurate or not. Hence, they are now waiting for the couple to confirm the same.

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