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General Hospital: Charlotte Remains Blinded By Victor, Will Valentin Be Able To Save his Daughter?

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General Hospital threw a twist that literally no one saw coming. Even as a far shot! When Anna was first targeted on the soap, earlier this year, everyone though it had WSB connections. And rightly so, because the attack came hot on the tails of her double agent expose orchestrated by Victor Cassadine.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case. Well, we are not writing off the fact that Anna’s enemies may have had a hand in The Metro Court shooting. But they had nothing to do with the acts that truly terrorized her. That was all Charlotte! But it seems that the teen is acting under her granddad’s influence. A hold that Valentin has pledged to break off. But can he really save his daughter from Victor’s venom?

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Charlotte Lands in Deep Trouble on General Hospital

Who could have thought that General Hospital has been playing such a long game with Victor and Charlotte! But then, the soap has successfully sustained itself for so many decades, it does deserve some credit! For years, Charlotte was stuck in a boarding school in Switzerland, thanks to the conflict between her papa and grandfather. All the while, Victor had full access to the little girl and even maintained a decent relationship with her. Who knew he had been using the time to poison her mind!

GH/ Anna shoots Charlotte

It is no secret that Victor hates Anna to the highest order on General Hospital. So much so, that he has even been willing to claim his own son’s life, just because Valentin chose Anna over him. However, earlier this year, when Victor passed in the Greenland war aftermath, it looked like his reign of terror was over.

But honestly, we weren’t buying it. We knew there had to be more. Victor wasn’t an evil genius for nothing! We had an inkling that even from his grave, he would haunt! And he did! He is! Victor’s hold on Charlotte’s mind, and the deep rooted hatred for Anna he has instilled in her heart, is showing it’s full effect! But how far can it really go?

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Valentin and Nina Attempt to Save Her Victor’s Grip

After terrorizing Anna, Victor’s doings have landed Charlotte in the hospital. Thankfully, she pulled through, but this near-death experience can’t be just for nothing on General Hospital. Yes, it has brought the truth about the teen being the arson and the stalker to the surface. But it has also finally made Valentin realize that things are much more dire than he once thought. He is already on the verge of losing Anna. And if he doesn’t do some damage control with Charlotte, he could very well lose her too!

General Hospital
GH/ Nina and Valentin try to get through to Charlotte

Thankfully, he at least still has Nina in his corner on General Hospital. She is trying her best to get through to Charlotte in hopes of reaching the roots of the problem. Which of course, is Victor’s influence on her mind. But we doubt Nina would get anywhere with Charlotte. The latest spoilers reveal that Valentin will once again take stock of the situation and work on taking a gentler and different approach with his daughter. But will any of it be able to break Victor’s control?

We have a feeling that eventually, in the end, the story will come a full circle with Anna doing something that ultimately saves Charlotte. Thus, giving the teen an opportunity and solid reason for redemption. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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