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The Young And The Restless: Show-Shaking Comeback! Cole Howard Returns After 24 Years

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Hold onto your seats, The Young and the Restless fans as Genoa City is about to experience a big change with a blast from the past! Get ready for a big surprise as Y&R brings back Cole Howard after a whopping 24-year break J. Eddie is making a comeback, and it’s going to be a real game-changer.

It’s going to be a wild ride with twists and turns that will uncover some hidden secrets and bring back some old memories. So let’s delve in and and see what Cole’s returns mean for the future of the show and characters involve.

The Young And The Restless

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The Young And The Restless: Victoria And Ashley’s Ex Returns

Today’s casting news for The Young and the Restless is quite exciting! Following Colleen Zenk’s unexpected role as the mysterious Aunt Jordan in Claire’s story, there’s more news to cheer about. Victoria’s second husband, Cole Howard, is making a comeback!

According to Soap Opera Digest, J. Eddie Peck is returning later this month, bringing back Cole after his departure in 1999 to pursue a career as an Oxford professor. Cole first appeared in 1993 as the son of Victor’s former secretary, Eve Howard.

The Young And The Restless
Y&R/ Cole Howard returns

Even though Eve initially tried to claim he was Victor’s son – a situation that could have complicated his romance with Victoria– it was later revealed that he was actually the son of the troubled Rick Daros.

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Rick Daros, who had a history of violence, once attempted to harm Nikki when she was pregnant with Victoria! Considering his not-so-great family background, The Young and the Restless fans can expect Cole to be a bit of a problem. But guess what?

He, the ranch worker and writer, turned out to be a pretty nice guy. He and Victoria fell in love, got married, but, unfortunately, things didn’t work out. They had a child, but, sadly, the little one didn’t make it. After that, Cole started a new chapter with Ashley. However, their marriage was even shorter than his first one with Victoria.

When Ashley tried one last thing to save their relationship by having a baby, Cole decided it was time to leave Genoa City and move to England. Even though we don’t know how long he’ll be staying, we’re excited to know what Cole has been doing for almost 25 years! It will be interesting to see how both Victoria and Ashley respond to his unexpected return!

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