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New Update: Will Kody’s Lies Lead To Meri & Janelle Getting Lawyers?

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It has been more than a decade since Sister Wives took over TLC and impressed the audience. During all this time, Kody has failed to be in their good books. No matter what he does, his narcissistic and egoistical side comes out, making fans despise him even more. Lately, he got into an argument with his former wife, Meri, over Coyote Pass.

Meri didn’t hesitate in saying her former husband had divided the lot unfairly, giving her the least acres. As usual, the man decided to defend himself. Now, viewers are fearing that Meri and Janelle may have to rely on lawyers to seek justice because of the polygamists’ shady and opportunistic nature! Is that true?

Sister Wives

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Sister Wives: Will Meri & Janelle Get Lawyers As Kody Tries To Scam Them?

The Coyote Pass property has started to appear like a dead end to the Sister Wives fans. In 2019, Kody and his three wives decided to buy 14 acres of land to build on. Many years have passed since this decision, and nothing has happened yet. In fact, Christine ended up moving away from Flagstaff only to let Kody have her share of the land.

In a brand new episode, Meri was seen arguing with her former husband. He said how he already has 2 acres for a “Family home” and has acquired 2 more since Christine sold her land to him, making it a total of 4 acres under him. While Robyn had a big 4-acre lot already. This meant that the couple would own 8 acres of the property.


Well, Janelle, too, had a solo 4-acre property. Amidst all this, Meri had the smallest share of merely 2 acres. She argued about this with Kody and Robyn. The Sister Wives star said she deserved more acres as she had put money. Well, Kody wasn’t willing to make this change. He argued how Meri only had one child while he was 18. Because of his shifty nature, the fanbase has been worrying that he might scam Meri and Janelle.

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Soon, a discussion began among the fabs about whether Janelle and Meri should get lawyers since their separation. It was only after their conversation surrounding Coyote Pass did they realized Kody could very well scam Meri and Janelle. But neither of the castmates has stated whether they want to take a step in the legal direction or not.

Sister Wives: Fans Catch More Disturbing Lies By Kody!

When Christine was just about to leave Kody and move to Utah in Sister Wives Season 17, the latter was furious. Because of this, he ended up coming up with many, many lies to stop her. One of them also involved their youngest daughter, Truely. He said how the state of Arizona would be responsible for Truely if Christine would leave with her to Utah.

Kody admitted he got “creative” with his words to ensure he still gets to spend time with his daughter. He then insisted on Christine to get a “child custody agreement.” The latter didn’t understand why they had to go through such a hassle. After seeing the polygamist come up with such big lies in the legal department, fans got concerned.

Sister Wives

After seeing Kody try to scam Meri and Janelle while discussing the Coyote Pass property, they fear he will come up with more elaborate lies in the legal matters to get his day. After all, he has already done it before.

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