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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sloan FINALLY Confesses, Nicole-Jude Reunion Loading

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Sloan did the unthinkable when she consented to Melinda’s heartless plan of stealing Nicole’s new born baby as hers, claim Days of Our Lives spoilers. For months now, Sloan has been raising baby Jude alongside Eric as their adopted baby, while Nicole mourns her presumed deceased baby. However, the truth might be dangerously close to erupting!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sloan Hands Baby Jude Back To Nicole

It all began when Sloan agreed to have a baby just to keep her nails installed deep in Eric. Days of Our Lives spoilers recall that he has always yearned to be a dad, and his and Sloan’s marriage is solely based on his hopes of having a baby. Thus, after her miscarriage, Sloan had no option but to get hold of an adopted baby asap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Sloan - Melinda -baby Jude
DOOL/ Sloan and Melinda steal baby Jude

Unfortunately, even after her hardest attempts, the adoptions kept falling apart. That’s where Melinda entered and pushed her to snag Nicole’s baby as her own and start her family with an unaware Eric. Meanwhile, the wicked witches of Salem paid a shady doc to attest that Nicole’s baby passed.

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But now, it seems like Sloan is cracking under the pressure of it all, say Days of Our Lives spoilers. Not only is she unable to handle motherhood, but also struggling to share Eric with the baby. Could it eventually push her beyond her breaking point, and make her give up? Ultimately, making her confess to the shady act she pulled?

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Nicole-Sloan
DOOL/ Will Sloan confess to Nicole?

We know, Jude’s christening is coming up soon. Most of Salem is going to be there. Including Nicole and Leo. And the latter has been relentlessly blackmailing Sloan with the secret. Do you think Sloan could have breakdown during the christening that leads her to confessing her crime?

Days of Our Lives spoilers recall that actress Ari Zucker is leaving the soap. which means Nicole’s days are numbered in Salem. Thus, there is a possibility that after the truth explodes, she may decide to just leave the town with Holly and Jude to get away from the toxicity.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Nicole
DOOL/ Will Nicole and baby Jude finally reunite?

But what would be Sloan’s fate after the confession? Suggest a fitting punishment for the baby stealer in the comments below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to News Boonovelfor more Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates. Also, watch the latest episodes on Peacock+.

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