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Young & Restless Return Threatens to Detonate a Deliriously Messy Love… Pentagon?!?

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Young & Restless, it appears, is laying the groundwork for a hella entangled love quadrangle — and it’s all set to go down at one of Genoa City’s biggest corporations.

It cannot possibly be a coincidence that certain characters with recent, and rather volatile, history are being set into the same sandbox, and we know they won’t play nice!

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The impending return of Mishael Morgan as Amanda Sinclair got us to thinking about what the lovely legal eagle might stir up when she crosses paths with her ex, Devon.

If it’s not animosity that flares between the two, but instead fond memories, regret, and unresolved feelings, we just want to say, “Look out” because Young & Restless is positioning Devon’s new lady love, Abby, to witness it all go down.

Amanda Devon Y&R

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As fans are well aware, Devon is bringing Abby into Chancellor-Winters. It all started with her suggesting that Devon put her on the board of directors to ward off a possible takeover attempt by Tucker, but morphed into Abby deciding she wanted to be a full-on executive since she’d grown bored with running Society.

That puts her, not only in a position to get an eyeful of whatever goes down between Devon and the ex that he cheated on with her, but also back in close proximity with the man she messed over — her ex-husband Chance.

Abby and Chance break up Y&R

Again, it can’t be a coincidence that Young & Restless is plunking Abby and Chance into the same workplace. Given this is a soap opera, shenanigans should ensue.

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So, hear us out: If Abby witnesses a moment of unresolved feelings between Devon and Amanda, and Amanda plays it up to get under her skin, Abby could very well go running to Chance to find a big strong man-shoulder to lean on.

Would it be in good taste for Abby to seek comfort from her ex, given she cheated on him with the man in question? No. Would Abby do it anyway? She absolutely would.

Chance Amanda Devon Abby Y&R

Therefore, Amanda’s return, whether it’s for one episode or many, could set off a chain of events that could spin into a full-fledged love quadrangle.

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How? If Abby and Chance reconnect over an “oops” moment between Devon and Amanda, and then continue working together in close proximity, they may start to vibe again. That should throw up a red flag for their current significant others. We’d not just have a love triangle forming with Chance, Abby, and Summer, but Devon would be involved as well. A deliriously messy quadrangle indeed, considering three of the four work in the same office and that Abby is Summer’s aunt.

We could even be in for a love pentagon if Amanda were to stick around. Heck, throw in Kyle and we could have soaps’ first love hexagon!

Abby Amanda Y&R

Let us know what you think will go down once Abby starts at Chancellor-Winters and Amanda returns to Genoa City using the comment section.

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