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General Hospital Spoilers: “Willow’s Cancer Journey Intensifies: GH’s Most Gripping Moments Yet”

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General Hospital Spoilers hint fans have been mulling over the idea that Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen)

may not be as out of the woods as she appears. Although her numbers looked good enough for Dr. Terry Randolph

(Cassandra James) to apparently clear her to return to work, Willow’s health may take a turn for the worse soon.

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GH fans are expected to be on the fence when this happens, with many of them lamenting over the already overdone storyline.

On a more somber note, having a relapse so soon leads us to worry that this time, Willow may not survive the fight.

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General Hospital Spoilers — Emphasis on “Be Careful”

There was much emphasis placed on Willow’s care routine when she left the hospital as a patient.

Going home after six weeks in isolation following the bone marrow transplant meant only a small and consistent circle of people could be let into Willow’s bubble at home.

Willow needed time for her fragile immune system to adjust to the world around her. When she was allowed to leave the house, it seemed as though she practically transformed into a butterfly.

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Seizing the day and wanting to make the most of life, Willow couldn’t wait to go back to normal and return to work, but that came later.

GH Spoilers Reveal Willow’s Return to Work Came Too Soon

Working in a hospital comes with some serious circumstances at times that don’t necessarily lend themselves to good health.

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A stressful work environment with plenty of pathogens floating around, combined with long shifts that often don’t leave time for self care or a good diet that is free of trips to that conveniently-placed soda machine by the nurses’ station, Willow could soon discover that she may have overdone it by coming back to work so soon after her transplant.

General Hospital Spoilers — Will Anyone Be Able to Save Willow?

When Willow incurs relapse and learns that her cancer is back, it’s going to take its toll on the entire family in a harder way this time around. Prior treatments already failed her and the bone marrow transplant was a last-ditch effort that saved her life.

But this time, Willow may be told she’s not likely to respond to another transplant since she didn’t the first time.

Where will that leave her? Some fans think a relapse isn’t necessarily in the cards, but perhaps illness is.

Some have mentioned Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) could end up being the only person who can save her, and that her illness may trace back to his allegedly late wife, Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara).

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