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The Real Reason Why Kody and Robyn Are Going Broke And About To Lose Flagstaff Mansion

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Are Robyn and Kody Brown losing everything and being forced to move to a cheaper place? This seems to be the word on the street. However, it has long been rumored that the couple has had money problems. So, what has prompted this latest chatter? Read on for more details.

Kody & Robyn Brown Lose Everything, Moving To Cheaper Place?

It looks like Robyn and Kody Brown are on the verge of losing everything. Several months back, it was revealed that Kody could lose Coyote Pass as early as this year. He owed a decent chunk of money on the land still and it was due in 2023.

Plus, they cannot build anything on the land without full payment and that does not appear to be happening. Now that Kody is down to one wife, he does not even really need the land. He and Robyn have their dream mansion and they can stay there forever…or can they?

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Kody Brown/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]

Reddit thread about whether the family gets residuals from the show was started and Kody Brown’s finances immediately came up. Fans do not believe that he is a good negotiator whatsoever and feel that his taking a major pay cut for the show years ago was a bad idea.

“Him going from 180k a person to 180k for the family a season shows his ignorance and ego,” one pointed out. Then, one noted an issue with the tanks on the Coyote Pass land. It seems that there is just one tank for five houses which does not bode well.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]

Additionally, this was added: “Sounds like they are going to lose the land, if it’s not paid off by the end of June it goes back to seller. Mykelti also said Baldylocs and Sobyn are moving to a less expensive house out of Flagstaff and I’m hoping the wives get their share out of the house.

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I know the property won’t sell quickly, so got to wonder if he’ll just let the builder have it back? Or will he continue to pay for it till it sells, doubt it they are financially irresponsible!”

Spilling It All

Kody Brown’s children have no problem exposing him, whether it’s him being irresponsible as a parent or financially. His daughter with former third wife, Christine, Gwendlyn shared that Kody was abusive. However, that was eventually edited out of her YouTube video.

Additionally, Mykelti Padron seems to have a close relationship with her father and Robyn but she is quite verbal, too. Finally, his son with Christine, Paedon Brown was the first to say that Covid-conscious Kody and Robyn were not vaccinated.

Kody Brown And Robyn Brown [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

So, if Mykelti is the one saying that her dad is downsizing, she probably is not lying. As for the other wives getting their money back, this is a big and touchy subject. Both Janelle and Meri admitted that they gave the proceeds from the sales of their Vegas homes to Kody and Robyn for her home.

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Should they get what they put out back to start over? Especially if Kody Brown negotiated a bad contract for the wives.sí

Do you think Kody’s ego would allow him to really downsize and lose the CP land? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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