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Sister Wives: Fans Call Out Kody & Robyn For Saying NO To Family Reunion! — “TOXIC”

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn are currently enjoying their monogamous life after the family breakup. Fans always accused the latter of breaking the polygamous family. They feel she always used her crocodile tears to grab her husband’s attention.

Kody even called out his exes and said their children were jerks for trash-talking about his favorite wife. Christine, Janelle, and Meri prioritized their kid’s happiness before making any decisions. But the patriarch didn’t even care to maintain any contact with his older kids.

Kody Brown is happily raising Robyn’s kids and giving them all the love and happiness. Now, it appears that he and his only remaining wife are not ready for a family reunion. But why?

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Sister Wives: Fans Call Out Kody & Robyn For Saying NO To Family Reunion! — "TOXIC"

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Are Not Ready To Put Their Ego Aside For A Family Reunion!

Season 18 of the Sister Wives season is unveiling the true face of Kody and Robyn. Fans of the series are already asking for Janelle and Christine’s separate show. They are no longer interested in watching the selfish pair on the show.

Recently, TLC shared a new teaser of the upcoming episode. In it, the network asked the opinions of Kody Brown and his wives about the possibility of a family reunion. The caption read, “The Brown family reveals if they would be open to a family reunion.”

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The video started with Meri as she got candid about the possible family reunion. Kody’s first wife was open to the reunion. Meri stated, “ I don’t think it will be too awkward.” while sharing her thoughts about the matter.

Next, the camera panned toward Christine Brown, and she agreed to the idea, too. She wanted to go with it for the sake of her children. Later, Kody and Robyn shared their option about it, and Sister Wives fans were shocked. Robyn stated that the reunion would invite more fights and arguments rather than a solution.

Finally, Kody confessed that he won’t be able to be on terms with Christine after the way she trash-talked about him. The video ended with Janelle expressing her feelings about the family reunion. It was obvious the majority of Kody’s Wives were ready to reunite the family temporarily for the sake of the kids.

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Sister Wives: Fans Call Kody & Robyn Toxic For Not Prioritizing The Kids!

Sister Wives fans have been accusing Robyn and Kody of being the main culprit of the family fallout. However, Kody always tried to play the victim card. Now, fans of the series are calling the couple toxic for their selfishness.

Several fans lashed out at the pair for not considering the kids’ happiness for their own good. One fan wrote, “It’s for the kids. Robin and [Kody] need to get over themselves.” Meanwhile, the others slammed Robyn for trying her best to keep Kody away from the family.

Another fan noted, “See all the issues are Robyn and Kody. The others would come together for the kids, but they won’t.” Then, a different fan called them toxic and claimed they only care about themselves. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers to know more about Kody, Robyn, and other Sister Wives updates.

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