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Will Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Get Married?

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Matt Roloff and Cayrn Chandler have been engaged since April of last year. Their engagement came after being together for six years. Despite all that time together, the star of Little People, Big World is having second thoughts. Roloff is unsure if marrying Caryn Chandler is the right thing for either of them.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s Relationship

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have been together for quite a while now. Despite the usual ups and downs couples face these days, they seem happy together. The couple appear to have what it takes to make a relationship and a marriage work.

Sadly, Matt Roloff doesn’t feel this way anyway. The reality television star stated he was “petrified” of marrying Chandler. The wedding which was originally planned to be some time this year may never take place.

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Matt Roloff’s Thoughts On Marriage

Matt Roloff appears to have enjoyed being in a relationship with his fiancée, Caryn Chandler. It is the fact that their current relationship would turn into a marriage that has Roloff second guessing his proposal to Chandler.

Roloff believes the relationship, as it is now “is working.” The television star went on to say “We have the whole, ‘Don’t fix what’s not broke.’ We got that whole thing going.” It appears his fear of getting married is stemming from changing the dynamic of their current relationship into something completely different.

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“Not that anything we have against the institution of marriage,” Matt Roloff explained. “We both like it and have been married  – but do we need to do that exactly?”

Matt Roloff LPBW TLC - Instagram
Matt Roloff LPBW TLC – Instagram

The Couple Are Considering Their Options

The reality show couple have yet to call off their engagement.  “We’re not doing anything off the table,” Roloff recently admitted to his friends. “When we talk about it, we always say, ‘We’ll talk about it again in a couple weeks or months or whatever.’”

It doesn’t sound as if the Little People, Big World stars are going to break up. it does sound as if their future wedding and marriage might never take place. “We very much respect and appreciate the concept of marriage and the principles behind it and we’re weighing all of our options,” Matt Roloff explained.

It appears as if everything is up in the air. Unclear as to what to do, the Little People, Big World stars are weighing all of their options when it comes to the future of their relationship.

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Tell us what you think. Do you think Matt Roloff will marry Caryn Chandler? Did you predict he would have second thoughts about getting married again? Do you believe they truly weighing their options or is Roloff wanting out of his relationship with Chandler? Sound off in the comment section below.

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