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Sister Wives: Kody Slips – Leaks Spoilers for New Season 19?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to be unintentionally dishing out spoilers on social media these days to his TLC fans. There’s a theme forming through new messages to his fans. After abruptly going quiet online a few years back, he’s now using a different avenue to get his thoughts out there today.

Things were going well when the series first aired. Back then, Kody was a big presence on social media. But when critics started jumping all over him, it was as if he walked away from the online world.  But now he found a way to voice his opinion in a quiet corner. After hearing him, some fans think he’s dropping hints or spoilers for the next new season, Season 19.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Offers Up the Answers

According to his wives, Kody Brown lacks a filter, which the audience has witnessed when watching him in action on the screen. At the end of the last season, fans got to see Robyn Brown trying to shut Kody Brown up as he talked to the Sister Wives camera.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

But put Kody in front of the camera with not another soul around, well… there’s no telling what he’ll say. That is what’s happening today with his Cameo videos. Fans became perplexed when seeing people spending money to seek relationship advice from the Sister Wives patriarch.

And what makes things even more of a puzzle for the fans, is he’s saying all the right things. Yes, the man who shed three wives within two years is dishing-out advice about what makes a solid relationship. And…  Sister Wives fans pay for these Cameo videos.

Put Papa Brown in Front of a Camera and…

Kody Brown is alone when making these Cameos. There are no camera crews or even Robyn Brown by his side to keep him from making a mistake. Plus there’s nothing at all to stop him from leaking spoilers for the upcoming Sister Wives season.

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So, in some of Kody’s latest Cameos, Sister Wives fans suggest that he sounds like he’s talking about himself. He’s big on the word “empathy” as he uses this in a few of the videos when giving advice. So, fans see a bit of repentance coming through for Kody Brown.

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s place. According to The University of California Berkley’s Greater Good Science Center, “Empathy is shown in how much compassion and understanding we can give to another. Sympathy is more of a feeling of pity for another.”

So, listening to Kody’s latest videos, it sounds like he found a way to put forth some empathy. It sounds as if this is his new motto these days, as he uses it a lot in his messages to others having problems.

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Kody is not well-liked among reality celebrities. Some fans suggest he’s the “most hated male reality star.” So, maybe he decides to do some damage control with the severed relationships of three of his wives. If so, then Season 19 would likely be the place for this to happen.

Sister Wives: A Reformed Kody?

Kody Brown suggests going about your relationship with empathy and understanding. Some fans see irony in this, considering how he treated his wives on the screen. But, in another cameo offering advice, it was like someone turned on a switch for Kody.

This advice was a bit odd for some of the fans. Using “empathy” again, he congratulates this person on having empathy but warns against having too much. He suggests she not get walked all over for being too empathetic to the cause. Is this how he sees himself?

So, fans think they hear Kody saying that he learned to empathize with his relationships today. They also compare his “stab in the kidney” scene to his warnings to another fan about not letting people walk all over you.

It was almost as if Kody Brown had done some work on himself. Then what he learned, maybe via therapy, he applies it to his own life but also suggests others do the same. So, some fans of the TLC series think the next Sister Wives season may have quite a few olive branches extended by Kody Brown.

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