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Sister Wives: David Woolley Lost 20 Pounds (What We Know About His Weight Loss Transformation)

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Christine Brown from Sister Wives is envious of David Woolley’s quick weight loss transformation. He has dropped 20 pounds by quitting two things.

  •  David Woolley lost 20 pounds by cutting out sugar, and improving his health.
  •  Christine’s husband dropped weight quickly, prompting speculation about potential health risks.
  •  David and Christine lead active lives, traveling and embarking on adventures together.

Sister Wives supporting cast member David Woolley has dropped nearly 20 pounds since marrying Christine Brown. The 59-year-old was unknown until he stepped into the spotlight in 2023 after Christine posted a photo of him confirming that she had moved on after her breakup with Kody Brown.

The Sister Wives star revealed that David isn’t just her friend but also her soulmate. Next, she posted photos of him around her family and announced their engagement. In late 2023, Christine took a step by buying a home and marrying David.

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Montage of Sister Wives' Christine Brown and David Woolley, with Kody in the background

Viewers first saw David on Sister Wives during the One on One episodes. He sat beside Christine and shared his bold opinions on her past polygamous life. David even called Kody a dumbass, sparking a rivalry that will likely continue in Sister Wives season 19.

In one of his past interviews, David also talked about his journey with Christine and how he initially thought she was a catfish. He didn’t mind her being a popular reality star and even let the production crew film his wedding. Christine and David’s wedding episode aired in January 2024.

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How Did David Woolley Lose 20 Pounds?

David Woolley Quit Having Sugar & Soda

Sister Wives' Christine Brown & David Woolley blue background

David has always seemed to be in great shape for being in his 60s. Despite that, he recently dropped a ton of weight, making himself even more fit. In March 2024, Christine announced that her husband had dropped 20 pounds and opened up about his weight-loss journey.

She said (via People ), “David quit drinking soda, quit eating sugar,” adding that he had to quit sugary treats for health reasons.

The Sister Wives star stated, “I put him on a few supplements and he loses 20 pounds,” jokingly implying that he dropped weight quickly compared to her.

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Sister Wives' Christine Brown and David Woolley embracing with wedding themed background

Why Did David Woolley Go On A Diet?

David Woolley May Be At Health Risk

Sister Wives star Christine Brown's boyfriend David Woolley holding a Minnie Mouse mug

Christine didn’t share much about what inspired David to drop weight. However, she highlighted that it was for health reasons and hinted that a doctor must have recommended him to quit sugar.

In his 60s, David is at risk of various health conditions, he must’ve consulted a doctor to know more about his health and was to quit eating unhealthy foods. Christine has helped people lose weight as she and Janelle Brown have inspired their followers and family members to get into shape with controversial health supplements.

What David Woolley & Christine Brown Are Up To In 2024

David Woolley & Christine Love To Go Out On Adventures

David and Christine have been getting healthier together, maintaining an active lifestyle, and love hanging out. Recently, the pair traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

She shared a photo of her trip and revealed how her handsome husband woke her up to go to the beach with a picture of him during the sunrise.

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sister wives christine brown david woolley montage with new house background

David and Christine are clearly very much in love, taking subtle shots at Christine’s ex-Kody. Their next appearance in Sister Wives season 19 will be interesting to watch.

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