Young and The Restless

Audra is accuse by Traci and Ashley of stealing company information Young And The Restless Spoilers

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Ashley arrives at the Abbott house and Traci asks where she’s been. She and Jack have been trying to reach her all evening. Ashley, beaming, tells her she’s been at the Club. “I spoke with Tucker. I told him that he was right and I was wrong.” Taken aback, Traci asks what changed her mind. Ashley says that her friend in Paris is a psychologist.

Michael Victor Y&R

He asked her some questions that got her thinking. Why would Tucker pay off an entire waitstaff? He thinks that Tucker is a narcissist, and if that’s the case, their actions need to generate a positive outcome for them. She had to ask herself how the supposed big lie advanced his agenda and created a positive outcome for him. That was a game-changer for her

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Ashley tells Traci she realized that Tucker had nothing to gain by lying. She created this entire scenario to get out of her marriage. Traci’s glad to hear she has a new sense of calm and freedom. But she has to ask, “Why did you go to Tucker first with this realization?”

Ashley just thought she had to tell him to his face. Traci asks how he responded. Ashley laughs that he was suspicious, and she doesn’t blame him. She’s just happy to be free of the anger. Traci asks, “This doesn’t change your situation with Tucker, does it?”

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In the GCAC, Tucker walks up to Nate and needles that for someone with a booming career and swanky penthouse apartment, he certainly spends a lot of time there. Is it because of the steak frites or the Audra Charles? Nate asks if he’s jealous of his friendship with Audra. Tucker is a little concerned he’ll distract her, “Maybe even convince her to drive a stake through my heart.” Nate thinks just about anyone would like to drive that stake. Tucker lets Nate know he’s not a worthy adversary as Audra walks in the door.
Audra Y&R

Tucker tells Nate he’s blown any chance he had with Audra romantically and now he’s hanging around like an annoying fly at a barbecue. Nate is fine with Tucker underestimating him; that’s when he’s at his most dangerous. Tucker warns he’ll never let him come between him and Audra. Nate muses that they’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes down. He walks past Tucker and Audra stops him at the door to tell him that he doesn’t need to protect her from Tucker or anyone else.

Nate insists he’s only trying to be a friend. She accuses him of expecting something in return, or just wanting to prove he can go toe-to-toe with Tucker. Nate tells her Tucker has no redeeming qualities and he doesn’t want to watch her walk off a cliff without saying something. Audra tells him to back off. This isn’t his battle to fight. He’ll never understand her relationship with Tucker or the stakes at play here. Nate narrows his eyes, “You’re right. It’s none of my business.” He walks out and Tucker approaches to hedge that the guy’s fixation with her is only getting worse.

Tucker and Audra relocate to a table and Audra muses that Tucker and Nate are fixated on each other, not her. She asks about their trip to Paris. He’ll get on it in a couple of days. Audra asks about the work portion of the trip. Tucker’s less than enthusiastic. Audra asks, “Alright. What is it?” Something’s got his attention and it’s not her. “I want to know what it is.”
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Michael arrives at the ranch and asks Victor how’s Nikki doing. He says she’s doing better. There’s something he needs to ask him — what strings would they need to pull to get Claire an early release from the psych ward? Michael balks, feeling that Claire is hardly far enough along in her treatment to leave. She’s had a lifetime of hatred instilled in her, which one doesn’t get past in an instant. Victor has talked to her and knows where her head is at, “She’s in support of this.” He can assure the doctors he’ll provide the best therapy on the outside. Victor thinks it would also be an advantage if Claire was more easily accessible. Michael realizes what he’s up to and asks if he’s really willing to use his own granddaughter as bait. Victor insists she’s eager to help. Michael has another question, “Have you run this plan by Cole and Victoria?” Victor thinks they’ll love the plan once they realize it’s been successful.

Victoria and Cole arrive at the hospital to visit Claire, who is with her young friend again. They watch them playing cards and exchange a smile. When the girl leaves, Claire talks about how much she loves spending time with Nadia. She can relate to her but for different reasons. Cole’s impressed by her insight and empathy. Victoria thinks she’s helping the child. Claire feels Nadia has been more of a positive influence on her. She has a way of making every day things fun. She wishes she’d had a friend like her when she was young. Victoria and Cole are glad she’s feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Claire feels lighter. Growing up she wasn’t allowed to play with other kids and Jordan undermined her self-esteem at every turn. Victoria loathes the woman. Cole ruminates that things should have been different for her. Claire assures them she’s turning a corner. They’re pleased and proud. Victoria and Cole each get a message from Michael wanting to meet.
Claire Nadia Y&R

At the ranch, Victor tells Michael that he’s hoping to remand Claire into Victoria’s custody, but if his daughter refuses, he’ll have to come up with another plan. Michael asks what makes him think Jordan would even take the bait. Victor says that Jordan woman thinks of nothing but retribution. She will stop at nothing. Michael argues she could be planning to lay low for the rest of her life. Victor argues that she burned down a prison and killed people to get to them. “She will stop at nothing unless we force her to stop.”

Michael thinks Victor’s right. Victor intends to stop Jordan by making her feeling she’s in charge, while he pretends to be very vulnerable. “Then she’ll move in for the kill.” Michael thinks Claire has been through enough. Victor says that’s why she’s willing to help. Michael will make some phone calls to see what he can do. Luckily, Claire can be released when she’s deemed fit to rejoin society. “I can work with that.” Victor knows he’ll do the right thing.
Michael Victor Y&R

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At Society, Michael meets with Cole and Victoria and assumes they’re aware of the plan Victor has in the works. They know he wants to lure Jordan out of hiding using Claire. Victoria says she told him it was completely out of the question. Cole says she’s been through enough. Victoria feels Victor needs to back off and let the police handle this. Cole wonders why Victor enlisted Michael’s help — it’s not like he can get a court order to have Claire get a message to Jordan. Michael adjusts his tie and replies, “No, but it will take some legal maneuvering to get Claire released from the hospital.” Victoria and Cole realize that he wants to interrupt her treatment to make her an easier target. Victoria can’t believe Michael is on board with this.

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