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Who is Claire Grace? What happened to her in Y&R?

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Claire Grace made her debut on The Young and the Restless on October 2, 2023, portrayed by actress Hayley Erin, who viewers might recognize from her previous role as Abby Newman on the show from 2008-2010. Erin also gained soap opera fame for her portrayal of Kiki on General Hospital from 2015-2018.

Claire talking on a phone call in Y&R
A girl with a history

When Claire first arrived in Genoa City, she met with Nikki Newman for an interview regarding a position at Newman Media as her assistant. Despite her limited corporate experience, mainly working as a bartender, Claire was eager to work for the best, which she sees as Newman. During the interview with Nikki and Audra, she even mentioned her past with McCall, which definitely raised some eyebrows. At first all the fans thought she was working with Tucker but it was far from the truth.

So, Claire spilled some backstory about herself, saying she’s from a small town in Oregon and isn’t a fan of big cities like Chicago. She knew about Genoa City from visiting a college friend named Sophia Carmichael who lived there. Tragically, Claire’s parents died in a car accident, so she was raised by her great-aunt.

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Audra Nikki and Claire in Y&R scene
Suspicious employee alert

After landing a job at Newman Media, Claire seemed like the perfect employee, but there were hints she might have some shady plans. She accepted the job offer from Nikki and Audra and got straight to work. But there was something suspicious about the way she looked at a photo of Nikki and Victoria and the fact that she had files on the Newman family.

When Claire told Nikki about her injured Aunt Jordan, Nikki insisted she go take care of her and even offered to fly her there on the Newman jet. Claire seemed grateful and invited Nikki to visit her great aunt while dropping her off. But it was all a setup! Once they arrived at Aunt Jordan’s place, Claire drugged Nikki and locked her up, planning to use her as bait to bring the rest of the Newman family there.

Nikki  passed out
Kidnapping her own grandma

So, after bringing the Newmans to Jordan’s place and revealing Victoria’s true identity as her mother, Claire unleashed a storm of emotions. Victoria and Cole were stunned to learn that Claire was their long-lost daughter, Baby Eve. Claire unleashed years of pent-up anger, accusing them of abandoning her as an infant. Victoria and Cole insisted they believed their baby had died, but then Jordan confessed that she stole Baby Eve as revenge for how they treated her sister, Eve Howard.

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Things got chaotic as Claire realized she’d been manipulated by her aunt. She eventually turned on Jordan, saving everyone who drank the poised water with an antidote. The police took Claire into custody, but Jordan vanished. Despite her betrayal, Claire found herself torn and unsure of whom to trust.

Jordan and Claire y&r scene
Creepy Jordan trying to manipulate her

While in jail, Claire agreed to a DNA test with Cole and Victoria’s help. Michael Baldwin took her case, arguing she needed psychiatric help, not jail time. But Jordan managed to snatch Claire away from the hospital. Claire found herself in a showdown between Jordan and Nikki, where she had to choose a side. Ultimately, she sided with Nikki, leading to Jordan’s arrest.

Back at the hospital, Claire was unsure about her future. She initially shut down Victoria’s attempts to reach out but later after getting a proper closure by confronting Jordan, she was able to connect with Victoria. Finally feeling free from her aunt’s influence, Claire got the chance to heal with her family by her side. Then, Claire got a shocker when a call she thought was from Victoria turned out to be Jordan. But she stuck to her guns, saying her aunt was dead to her.

Claire with her mom and dad
Finally back with her mom and dad

Despite that drama, she kept making progress in therapy, especially with the kids at the hospital. But things got tense when her parents revealed that Jordan had disappeared after a prison fire. Victoria wasn’t too happy when Victor suggested Claire help set a trap for Jordan, but Claire was all in to do whatever it took to wrap up the mess.

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Stay tune to see what happens next!

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